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Tell us about your event so we can build you a bespoke quote! House of Hush Burlesque can provide solo burlesque artist(s) doing between 1-3 routines (through the course of an event), burlesque duets, meet-and-greet showgirls, all the way to full stage shows that can last from 30 minutes to an hour-long theatrical experience. Check out our Corporate Acts & Shows page for more details.

Please note that a standard burlesque solo lasts approx. 4-6 minutes. If you are looking for longer sets of between 15-30 minutes we will quote for multiple artists. Please note that the nature of the entertainment form known as “burlesque” involves an element of striptease, some semi-nudity, and is meant for adult 18+ audiences. If you would prefer a "Boston show" (i.e. fully covered) please let us know!

House of Hush Burlesque is based out of Edmonton, Alberta. We are available for bookings across Alberta and Canada!

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