Notes for House of Hush volunteers

Are you a volunteer for a House of Hush burlesque show? Please familiarize yourself with the following so that you can answer guests questions, and know how the show rolls. Let us know if you have any questions!

About our monthly show

Our monthly speakeasy show at Crash Hotel is styled after a past era of extravagant parties. Doors are at 7pm, show starts at 8pm, and generally the show is over somewhere between 9:30-10pm. It’s an intimate show (only 50 tickets available per show) without the separation of stage: burlesque artists  perform mere inches from guests' seats. We take our guests back in time to an era of luxurious outfits, glamour, wild gin-soaked revelry, and a night of classic burlesque with top burlesque performers from Edmonton, Calgary, and beyond.

House of Hush Burlesque produces this speakeasy burlesque show at Crash Hotel EVERY MONTH and you can find tickets for our upcoming shows on our website. You can ALSO hire House of Hush for your next event or party! Find out more by visiting us online or by joining our mailing list.

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Violette Coquette is the producer of this monthly show. You can find her at:
On Twitter: @vcoquette
On Instagram: @violettecoquette
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customer service notes

Some great suggestions for customer service delight from Darla Darwin:

  • When showing someone to their table ask if it's their first burlesque show, if it's their first House of Hush show, how they heard about House of hush, etc. Introduce yourself!
  • Explain to them what the signature cocktail is for the evening (ask the bartenders what it is: it’s different every show). Remind guests that they get a free signature cocktail with their ticket (VIP tables get one cocktail per person: that’s 6 for VIP booths, and 8 for the one big table at the front)
  • There’s a location to hang their jackets at the back of the room.
  • Washrooms are also at the back of the room and to the right.
  • Vending area with burlesque goodies for sale either at the back table or by the front entrance (ask Kiki where she’s setting up shop)
  • Doors are at 7pm, show starts at 8pm, and there will be an intermission around 8:30pm
  • Ask if they have any questions, and let them know that if they need anything at all, don't hesitate to ask!

security & people in charge

If you have ANY issues with the venue or security please speak IMMEDIATELY to the bar manager David Bryant. There’s also a security person on staff during our shows whose only purpose is to make sure we are safe and not hassled, so please make note of who that is at the beginning of the night and find them if you come across any security issues, or if anyone is making you, a performer, or a House of Hush guest, feel uncomfortable.

You can also talk to Violette Coquette (producer of the show) if you have any questions or concerns! If you don't have a chance at the show, please feel free to email Violette with your questions and concerns at


SET-UP (6:15PM)

  • Volunteers touch base with the producer (usually Violette Coquette) to get the printed Guest List, Seating Map, Hush menus, tip hat, pens and paper for door prize
  • Make sure table positions and seat positions match the Seating Map exactly (note, the table for 4 at the front end of the bar needs to be a low table with regular chairs since regular guest Tracy Thorne cannot sit on a high stool. Also the angle of the table and the chairs can greatly affect guests sight lines during a show!)
  • Set up 3 potlights and 4 wall lights (as per Seating Map)
  • Help our sound guy (Charlie) set-up light on tripod, mic and speaker by the door (as per Seating Map)
  • Set-up ticket table at the front: black tablecloth and paper copies of Guest List, Seating Map, door prize, pens and paper to enter door prize, and tip hat!
  • Place House of Hush Menus on every table
  • Find out and write down which performers are willing to do House of Hush Menu orders (Happy Birthday Mr. President and/or champagne pour)

Doors open at 7PM:

  • Everything should be set-up!
  • All performers should have arrived 

Show starts at 8PM:

  • Let the producer (Violette) know if anyone has ordered off the Hush Menu (guests must pay you the full amount in cash when they order)
  • All performers are ready at 8pm for the Promenade

Intermission (around 8:30-8:45PM):

  • As soon as the last performer of the first set finishes, carry around the Tip Hat!
  • Last chance for guests to order off the House of Hush menu
  • Last chance for guests to enter to win the door prize

AFTER THE SHOW (around 9:30-10pm):

  • As soon as the show is over, carry around the Tip Hat
  • Thank guests for coming to the show!
  • Pack up all the lights (3 potlights, 4 wall lights), tablecloth, House of Hush menus, tip hat, pens, etc.