Hired by House of Hush?

All performers are required to familiarize themselves with our brand and expectations. By agreeing to perform for House of Hush, you are agreeing to familiarize yourself with and follow the professional standards as described below.

About the house of hush brand

House of Hush Burlesque creates an interactive experience that pulls inspiration from the exaggerated theatrics of the very first burlesque performers (like Lydia Thompson and her "British Blondes"), the high-kicking showgirls of the Klondike Gold Rush, sideshow vaudeville strangeness, and the glamour and opulence of the golden age of jazz. When people think of our brand, we want them thinking glittery costumes, glamour, can-can, wild abandon, and a vintage aesthetic. We work with a variety of corporate clients to create a unique blend of theatrical live burlesque entertainment that can be tailored to create bespoke packages for our clients' events, parties and shows.

What we’re looking for

At a private or corporate gig, our performers and cast represent House of Hush through every interaction. Every performer and every act needs to be stand-out, professional and high level, from our interactions with audience members, our costumes and choreography! For private and corporate bookings, House of Hush works to hire a cast and build a show that provides the best fit for each specific booking.  

So what do we mean when we say we're looking for professional performers and high-quality acts?

  • We are looking for highly skilled burlesque performers with at least two years of burlesque performance experience on a variety of different stages and events. 
  • Many of our bookings are looking for acts that lean towards what is often termed “Classic" burlesque: jazz or big-band music tracks and dazzling costumes that harken back to the 1910s, 20s, 30s and 40s, as well as great musicality, movement and striptease-ability!
  • As a performer, you will need to be comfortable and confident performing in different spaces, with or without a stage, as well as roving and interacting with guests.
  • Because performers are often paid to rove through the audience during corporate and private gigs, costumes need to be really high-quality and dazzling far away as well as up-close!

code of conduct

Professional and respectful engagement with House of Hush team, volunteers, venue and audience is required at all times. This includes:

  • promoting the show as requested by the producers, and sending music/bio/promo images by the requested deadline;
  • showing up prepared and on-time, fulfilling pre-agreed performance duties during the gig, and remaining at the venue until the time stipulated;
  • sharing the dressing room area and being respectful of the venue;
  • being kind, professional and respectful at all times to House of Hush producers, fellow performers, volunteers, venue staff, and guests.

Anyone who fails to meet these basic professional standards may be asked to leave immediately, and will not be re-hired.  

safety at house of hush events

House of Hush has zero tolerance for any type of harassment or abuse of our producers, fellow performers, or volunteers. If you have ANY safety concerns for yourself or other House of Hush performers or House of Hush volunteers during a House of Hush gig, please speak IMMEDIATELY to the gig lead (the House of Hush contact person working the event: most likely LeTabby Lexington or Violette Coquette).  If you cannot immediately find the gig lead or other event staff that can help you, remove yourself to a safer space and call LeTabby (780-604-2933) or Violette (780-907-3027) when you feel safe to do so.

questions or feedback?

We are always working to improve! If you have questions or concerns, please email us at hello@houseofhushburlesque.com. We welcome and encourage respectful back-and-forth dialogue.